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Intro to Tagalog Camp

For ages 18+ and high schoolers looking for a college-level curriculum

Pricing and Additional Information

  • Complete the course within 5 days
    • 60-minute daily classes from Monday to Friday at $70
  • Different class dates & times offered throughout September. For specific dates, please scroll down to the schedule below.

Class Overview

  • Every class focuses on different topics and activities. Here is an outline of what you can expect to learn in each class:
    1. Self-introduction, basic greetings, and introduction to the Tagalog sentence pattern
    2. Job Titles and Nominative Pronouns
    3. Relationships, Possessive Pronouns, and Question Word Sino
    4. Functions of the marker sa and markers kay/kina
    5. Sa personal pronouns, marker ba, and linker na/-ng
    6. Game review


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