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What is Tagalog Kids+’ refund policy?

In order to reserve your space in a session, you must pay the full 6-week session fee at the time of enrollment. If you decide you need to cancel for any reason, please send an email to info@tagalogkids.org THE FIRST WEEK OF CLASS for a refund. No refunds are allowed after the first week of class.


  1. Coupon Code (BEST VALUE)
    – In lieu of a refund, you can opt to receive a coupon code that will cover the full amount you paid. This code may be redeemed upon booking a future class.

  2. Refund issued via payment platform
    – Please be advised that for all refunds under this option, the booking and refund processing fees will be deducted from your payment (fees may vary depending on the amount paid, platform, etc.). 

What if I miss a class?  

If you are unable to attend a class during the session, please contact your teacher to attend a make-up class or watch a recorded video, if available. You will receive the class materials for every class regardless.

What if I Tagalog Kids+ tells me that my class needs to be rescheduled and none of the other class times work for me?  

If none of the other class times for your preferred class type seem to align with your availability, please don’t worry! Your class can still move forward as long as we have at least two students enrolled. In such cases, we kindly ask for your support with a small additional contribution of $20 to cover the instructor fee.

Should you be the only student enrolled in the class, we will send you a refund with your preferred refund option listed above.

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