For Kids

Tagalog for Kids

Fall 2023 Session 1

Week of September 5th - Week of October 10th
For ages 4-17
  • Early Elementary: 4-7 years old (3-year-old emerging readers are welcome!)
  • Late Elementary: 7-11 years old
  • Middle/High School: 10-17 years old (if your high schooler is looking for a college-level curriculum, they are welcome to join our adult classes here!)
    *If the student’s age falls between two different age ranges, they are welcome to join either. Once they have gone past the maximum age limit of a certain age range, they will have to join a class of the next age range up.

Time & Dates
  • Classes from September 5th through October 16th
  • 30-minute weekly classes
  • Class options available every day of the week 
  • 6 weeks per session

  • Only $8 per class
  • 20% off for each additional enrolled sibling upon request*
    • Opting out of the discount request is a great way to support our organization’s cause. Any amount of help is greatly appreciated!
      *Additional sibling must be enrolled in a kids class or an adult class

Intro to Tagalog Class Overview

Every class focuses on different topics and activities. Here is an outline of what you can expect to learn in each class:
  1. Self-introduction and basic greetings
  2. Filipino alphabet (ABAKADA) and examples for each letter
  3. Counting numbers
  4. Members of the family and the verb punta
  5. Parts of a house and the verb linis
  6. Game review

Team Levels

All new students start at Level 1. If you have previous Tagalog experience, you may take a placement test to determine your level.


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